Isn’t it amazing what a weekend at the lake can do for you?

It certainly changed my life. In spring of 1996, my husband, Jack and I towed our boat to the lake for a fun-filled weekend, but the boat never hit the water. We looked at Lake property instead. By that summer we were settled into our first lake cabin with our daughters, Jennifer and Jonna. We were hooked!

In 2000, our oldest daughter, Jennifer, met the boy next door (literally), Jason Zolecki, who owns Lake Shores Marina in South Buck Creek cove. She moved to the Lake, got married and since then have given us 4 beautiful grandchildren.

We soon followed in her footsteps. In 2001,we sold our business in Kansas City where we had provided residential and commercial service for 18 successful years, always putting the customer first, and moved to the lake full time. Within the first year, we had sold our lake cabin and bought 3 lake homes to re-furbish. When word got out about what a great job Jack and I did remodeling, we didn’t have time to work on our own projects. That was the point of change. Jack continued on with his remodeling business and I joined Re/Max at the Lake. That was 15 years ago. We spend our free time with our family, playing on the lake, swimming and fishing. Moving to the lake was a good step for us. We love the community and our work.

Keeping with my tradition of putting the customer first I have earned the trust and respect of my clients here at the Lake. Being a good Realtor takes a lot of hard work and I have made that commitment to my clients and myself. Whether it is listening to what the client is really looking for, previewing dozens of listings to narrow their search, providing personal service of checking on docks, doors, or thermostats, or hosting an open house to better market a property, I am ready to work for my clients.